Best Exercise To Reduce Belly Fat

If you want to look gorgeous from top to bottom then you need to do some exercise on regular basis. Normally on belly fats are accumulated and if we are not concerned about it on beginning then it might become tough. Those who are looking to lose weight mainly focus to reduce belly fat. It is not so easy to cut fats to give your belly a tight and firm look. You have to avoid some and also need to add something to your diet and exercise. With a natural diet, you need to do some exercise. There are many exercises to reduce belly fat but today you get to know about some effective exercises that break your belly fat more quickly.

There are few exercises you need to add to your daily workout routine which will cut your belly fats. Every men and woman want to have a flat tummy which only can possible with some effective abs workout.

Best exercise to reduce belly fat

1: Crunches

It is known as the best exercise to burn belly fats. After jogging tries minimum 3 sets of crunches daily. At the beginning, you might not complete 3 sets or 50 crunches but within few days of practice, you can have this number. You need to increase daily the numbers and continue this exercise in between your workout for your whole life. You will experience its effects when you realize pain in your belly muscles. Crunches have different variations which you need to practice daily 3 sets per variation.

  • Twist crunch
  • Vertical Crunch
  • Reverse crunch
  • Side Crunch

2: Bicycle Exercise

It is another effective abs workout to have a firm belly. This exercise directly increases tension in your belly fats. Regularly practicing this exercise will burn your fats from the belly. It is an easy and simple exercise, lie down on a yoga carpet and lift to legs close to your tummy. From this position start pedaling. No need to but a pedal machine you can have the same effect by bicycle exercise.

3: Rollin plank

It is another exercise which helps in burning belly fat. By this exercise, you can create tension on hip, abdomen and lower back. Position yourself same as the above-attached image and keep your spine and neck aligned. During this exercise, you need to breathe normally. Go with this position for 1 minute and feel the result.

4: Swimming

Swimming is one of the best exercises which focus on every joint on your body. Swimming only can give you firm abs. It helps in losing weight as well as help in toning your full body. You need not to do swimming daily, you have the result if you do weekly for half an hour.

5: Side Bending

This exercise mainly puts pressure on side fats of your abdomen. Stand straight by spreading your legs to few extents. Take dumble of the same size on two hands and bend on both on right and left side alternatively. More you can reach close to the ground more you will get a benefit.  Dumble is not mandatory in this exercise for beginners but if you want to have quick results then you need to use some weight.


Exercise along with a healthy diet is the only process to decrease the percentage of fat in your body. In our body maximum fats accumulate in the lower section which only can reduce by practicing exercise daily for 1 to 2 hours. If you are a beginner then you need to take assistance for these above listed best exercise to reduce belly fat from an experienced person. At the beginning, you might have some problem which hardly lasts for 1 day. As you are here to know about abs workout so practice daily all those exercises for minimum 3 months and have a flat and firm abdomen.

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